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A foreign embassy is the official office of one country in the capital of another country. It is where the ambassador (representative) of the home country works and it is where most of the communication (talk) between the two governments happen.

There are many functions of the embassies .One of the major work of embassy to attest / legalize documents. Attestation means authorization of  documents weather it is genuine or not. Need for attestation/legalization arises when applying for resident visa, changing the designation and applying for the family visa, to get a job visa, applying for medical benefits, attending an interview and written examination etc. Attestation includes several processes and documents have to undergo these steps. Authentication/verification of degree/diploma from concerned University from where it issued, Notary , MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) in last document gets attestation from concerned embassy.

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Genius Document Clearing is one of the largest document processing companies in Asia. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, we conduct business in countries all around the Middle East, U.K, U.S.A, Canada, Australia and the Indian subcontinent. We are engaged in every aspect of the documentation industry, including attestation and apostille, PRO services, embassy errands etc and we provide services for documents originating all over the world. Our group companies operate in different domains like transportation and logistics, corporate media solutions, information technology, advertising, publishing, real estate and gifts services.

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